Fife Out and About

Who Are We?

Location: Fife, Scotland

Fife Out and About: for walkers and outdoor folk

Thank you for your interest in Fife Out and About. We are a small Fife-based walking group. 

Why Fife Out and About?

  • Small walking group sizes
  • Exploration of quieter "off-piste" routes rather than "tourist" routes
  • Emphasis on enjoyment rather than simply "ticking or bagging"
  • Environmental sensitivity - we abide by the concept of Minimal Impact
  • Affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland
  • Walking as "equals" - not led walks

Our primary activity is hill walking although we also do some low level walks as well. We aim to have a hill walk, easy hill and low level walk each month. Our walks generally take place in Fife, the Ochils, Perthshire and the Trossachs though we do travel further afield during the summer months.

We welcome walkers with all levels of experience but we must stress that, as we do not provide led walks, you are responsible for your own safety and welfare. You don't need to be a super-fit mountain athlete to walk with us. Our harder walks are generally at an easy pace rather than focusing on "ticking" as many summits as possible. However, we do not walk on manicured paths or follow waymarked routes, so you will need to be prepared for some rough and potentially off-path walking at times.

Prospective members may walk with us as a guest for up to 2 walks. 

Please only RSVP if you are committed to attending the walk (barring unforseen circumstances). Please give your real name (first name is fine) when RSVPing rather than a "screen name".

You can use the subscribe button below to join our email newsletter list and to receive notifications of our walks.

The walk list shown on this site is our list of confirmed walks in the immediate future. Our own website provides a more comprehensive list of our proposed programme for the next few months.

Please check out our website at for more information. 



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