Lets talk Japanese Cape Town

Who Are We?

Location: Cape Town

For anyone interested in the Japanese language and culture.

A relaxed. informal. gathering of those who can speak Japanese, and want to learn more, and those who are new to the language. We will gather at a park or a coffee shop. If the weather is good then we will play some ball games in between just to get the blood flowing .*

Beginners welcome.

*not compulsory

- Starr - (Native English and Afrikaans, beginner-level Japanese)


Momo (Native Japanese, middle-level English)

Message from Momo:

I don’t have any license to teach Japanese,

But I have experience learning some languages by myself,

If they want, I can show you(teach) guys about some easy Japanese phrase that native Japanese people use a lot.

People ; anyone who interested about Japan and SA,

★What we gonna do?

talk, listen, learn, study in Japanese and English, know, ask about Japanese and African culture, and event, translate , teach how to write some KANJI and Phrase in Comics



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