Casual Cycling Edmonton

Who Are We?

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Hi, I'm Twyla Lapointe. At first I just wanted to get a few people together to go biking from Reddit, but apparently it really resonated with people and ended up being featured by various news outlets, starting with CBC Edmonton [1] [2] [3]! 

Since we've moved into a slightly bigger-than-Reddit community, I looked for a simple place to be able to send group members updates about dates we've chosen.

Choosing Dates

When we're trying to choose dates, I use a Doodle calendar - a special tool for choosing dates that everyone can use pretty easily.

June/July Group Info Email
Help Us Choose Dates for July



  • Be respectful to others (especially including no fitness shaming!)
  • Yes, you can invite friends! 
  • Dogs welcome ONLY on bike leashes (so they can't trip anyone up). 
  • No more than 2 bikes beside each other unless someone's passing, but single file is best in most areas. 
  • I am only here to get people into the same place, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and security. 

Recommendations: Helmets recommended but not required or illegal not to use - it's your head. Familiarize yourself with biking laws (i.e. that bells are required, no bikes on non-shared sidewalk etc).


  • I have been finding good shared use or bike paths by the river, without too much elevation. 
  • Locations will be chosen after we pick the date
  • Suitable for any kind of bike including 1-3 speed cruisers, and the pace isn't super fast!

Need more information? Just drop me a line at



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