Casual Cycling YEG

Who Are We?

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

*** Please help us choose our SEPTEMBER Riding Dates ***

When we're trying to choose dates, I use a Doodle calendar - a special tool for choosing dates that everyone can use pretty easily.


  • Be respectful to others (especially including no fitness shaming!)
  • Yes, you can invite friends! 
  • Dogs welcome ONLY on bike leashes (so they can't trip anyone up). 
  • No more than 2 bikes beside each other unless someone's passing, but single file is best in most areas. 
  • I am only here to get people into the same place, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and security. 

Recommendations: Helmets recommended but not required or illegal not to use - it's your head. Familiarize yourself with biking laws (i.e. that bells are required, no bikes on non-shared sidewalk etc).Locations

  • I have been finding good shared use or bike paths by the river, without too much elevation. 
  • Locations will be chosen after we pick the date
  • Suitable for any kind of bike including 1-3 speed cruisers, and the pace isn't super fast!

Need more information? Just drop me a line at

Hello Cyclists,

A HUGE welcome to all of our new subscribers who joined up after we were featured in the Bicycle Commuters Society newsletter! We're extremely excited to get to know all of you. There's 30 people subscribed to our group now and I am thrilled about that! Our August dates are live!

Hi, I'm Twyla Lapointe. In 2018 I just wanted to get a few people together to go biking from Reddit, but apparently it really resonated with people and ended up being featured by various news outlets, starting with CBC Edmonton [1] [2] [3], and we were also recommended by Bike Edmonton (formerly the Bicycle Commuters Society.) I went with it, and now we're a club!!

Since we've moved into a slightly bigger-than-Reddit community, I looked for a simple place to be able to send group members updates about dates we've chosen - and so far this is working well for us!

Special thanks to Freepik for images used to create our Logo.



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