Wilmington Esperanto Club

Who Are We?

Location: Wilmington, NC

Right now, it's just who is me: I'm a UNC medical student who just moved to Wilmington. But hopefully who we WILL be soon is a new club for those in the Wilmington area who are interested in learning about Esperanto, learning to speak Esperanto, and generally having fun while promoting world peace.

Esperanto is a constructed language, designed to serve as an international second language that puts all people on equal linguistic footing, no matter what native language they speak. It's rationally constructed to be easy to learn. Sounds cool, right? Come join me in learning more!

I envision meetings being mostly in English at first--but we will try to get in some babilado per Esperanto (chatting in Esperanto) as well.

I study at the Port City Java immediately adjacent to Front Street Brewery starting every Sunday afternoon around 3 p.m.  E-mail if me at wparker615@protonmail.com if you want to join me to hang out and drink some coffee at that time and place. We can also discuss a better time via e-mail or in person, as we get this club rolling.    



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