University of Ulster D&D

Who Are We?

Location: Shore Road, Jordanstown

University of Ulster @ Jordanstown D&D at LINK gaming society

Hi there! 

We're starting a 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons (hereafter known as "D&D") starter kit run of the lost mines of phandelver. WHEEEEE! 

Why not come along if you like? There's always space for another person. B

You might have to pay a year's fees for the gaming society (LINK) but that's only £3 and you might also get to play someone's PS2! (Note: figure of speech, not legally binding). You are also free to sample the other activities there.

You might have a lot of experience or want to play for the first time. Both are great and anyone is welcome. You don't have to be very good at acting / roleplaying , I'm certainly not (see here, If you have your D&D dice you can bring them too, but it's not essential... 

As you might know, the essential thing is always "the amino acids your body can't make itself" - come on now, do you want your GCSE biology or not???? You're going to have to get this stuff down.

Fortnightly - that's every other week - on Monday nights at 630pm (ish) in the students' union. You can also message me to ask about it.

Hope to see you there!



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