Immigration Reform Group of Indianapolis

Who Are We?

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

"I do not want two classes of citizens in this country. I want everybody to prosper. That's going to be a top priority." (Obama, 2014)

For years "... , advocacy organizations and some policymakers have begun to chip away at the powerful masks that camouflage the harmful implications that recent deportation practices have on the children in Latino immigrant families" (Gallo, 2014, p. 500).   

Immigration Reform Group of Indianapolis is a non-profit community based organization serves immigrants within primarily in Marion Country but not limited to surrounding countries within the state of Indiana. IRGI was established by students from  IUPUI  Masters of Social Work program seeking to fight against the inequality experienced by immigrants.  The organizations serves families of  vulnerable undocumented families  seeking to  build a future in this country. 


Immigration Reform of Indianapolis mission is to ensure illegal immigrants obtain access to necessary services to obtain citizenship and live a sufficient lifestyle. Services such as application counselor, legal advice, educational courses etc. 


Immigration Reform of Indianapolis seeks to increase the number of legal immigrants in Indiana while assisting those to decrease the number of immigrants. 

**Solely used for class purposes. Not an actual event**



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