Southerntiersmen Chorus

Who Are We?

The Southerntiersmen Chorus is the Binghamton, New York chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. This society, born in April 1938, has grown to over 800 chapters, over 24,000 members, and more than 1000 registered quartets. And it is the largest all male singing fraternity in the world.

The Binghamton chapter was chartered in April 1943 - the society’s 29th chapter and the third in New York State. Over the years, the Southerntiersmen have earned the right to represent Senecaland (upstate New York and Northwestern PA) in International competition 6 times. We have placed as high as 8th and 9th in these competitions which is a remarkable accomplishment when you consider that these are the best choruses in the world!

We continue to compete to meet the challenge of improving the quality of our performances each year.  

We currently have 49 members from all walks of life. Teachers, doctors, authors, ministers, engineers, farmers, factory workers, postal employees, attorneys, salesmen, construction workers, policemen, chemists, dentists… you name it…we’ve probably got one. The common thread isn’t what we do - it’s what we love – four-part a cappella singing in the barbershop style.



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