Sydney Social Photographers

Who Are We?

Location: Sydney Australia

In the words of ERIC KIM:

“Street photography” vs “social photography”

"The reason why I feel that “street photography” appeals to so many people is that it helps us get out of our apartments, into public places, and the chance to socialize, interact, and communicate with the outside world.

For this reason, I feel that “social photography” is probably a more precise definition of what most “street photographers” are trying to do.

“Street photography” helps us be more social. After all, most “street photographers” are interested in photographing fellow-human beings; whether candidly or with permission.

A landscape photographer can go just fine photographing nature, trees, and flowers. Yet you can do landscape photography without any need of a partner. You can do it alone.

Even when I think of my personal “street photography” — I like to call up friends and ask them if they just want to go on a walk and “shoot.” 90% of the time we’re not even taking photos, we’re just walking, chatting, and enjoying one another’s company. Even when I teach workshops, I feel the biggest benefit is the chance to meet other passionate people, to socialize, to share one another’s passion for photography, and to make new connections. Photography is less important."

Don’t be alone

“Solitude is the mother of all anxieties.” – Publilius Syrus



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