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Who Are We?

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Wasn't sure where else to post this - Looking for a team to start a YouTube channel and Podcast with - which combines video games and stammering awareness

It has been a desire of mine for a while now to have a go at starting my own YouTube channel and podcast. However, I think it is much more interesting with at least 2 hosts. 

Tasters of the ideas I have so far 

The channel: 

Playing video games that involve speaking to team other players - can this be beneficial to stammerers? 

Specific fun challenges with video games that involve speaking, engaging with online games (with chat perhaps) 

Lets plays

Video game and stammering newsStammering promotion

The podcast: 

Discussion of growing up being a stammerer and a gamerMore in depth discuss of topic on channel

Regular interviews with guests who stammer

 Monetization will be sought, which will of course be distributed equally among all parties involved. The idea being that this will develop into a proper business. The aim of which is to be able to earn a decent living doing things you love. However, this won't be easy and are certainly no guarantees so you must be willing to give this a good go! People are doing this around the world so with enough passion and effort we can too! 

Open to any interested parties getting in touch to discuss this further, the only requirements being that you have an interest in these topics, and are willing to learn and devote time to the project.

 Cheers for reading.



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