Chiang Mai Meditation & Mindfulness Meeting

Who Are We?

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Would you like more peace, calm, and clarity in your life? Do you know how to meditate but want to practice more? Or learn new ways to meditate and be more present and mindful? If so, I invite you to join our lovely group. Everyone is welcome from total beginners to seasoned practitioners. 

Each session, we will practice two different meditation or mindfulness techniques, including forms of breath work (pranayama), 'no mind', body scans, walking meditations, and guided visualisations. This group offers you the chance to learn useful, practical methods that you can take home and practice to quiet your mind, focus your intention, and improve your life. This is a relaxed, friendly, uplifting, and open-hearted group that meets twice a month. 

My name is Tiga-Rose and I facilitate this group. I have been practising and teaching meditation for a number of years and I have lots of pieces of paper that say I allowed to do this. I am a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, an NLP master practitioner, a qualified Holistic Life Coach, and I have a PhD in Life Coaching. For more information, see my website: 

Cost: Currently, sessions are free and donations appreciated 

Location: We will meet in the room above Miranda's cafe in the old city ( When you come in and get your drink, please ask the staff to show you the stairs.



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