420 moms Cannabis and Crafts Play dates

Who Are We?

This group will consist of 10-12 moms and their tots. I would like to hold the meetings no more than twice a week due to my location. I would like the group to remain aspiring, instead of eventually being viewed as a tedious drive. With that said, this group is for serious individuals and not individuals going through a crisis and seeking temporary fixes. I am looking for mothers that are going through it daily but managing to hold it together somehow.

The Mothers and Tots activities will consist of: Water Gun Fun in the Sun, Homemade Suckers, Healthy meal preparation, Trips to the local library, trips to disneyland, lego land, six flags, etc.., camp outs/cookouts, Learning tips, and mommy and me time.

Tots activities will consist of water play, story time, exercise time, quiet time, outdoor fun, arts and crafts, daily meet and greet, importance of nature tips, educational videos, phonetics tutoring, sensory correction assistance.

This group does not discriminate against any race or creed. Everyone is welcome to submit a form. The group meetings will be held in a handicable location in Lancaster ca, right on the borders of Fairmont Ca.

What is required: after submitting the form to the email address: ediblesbaby2018@gmail.com

Someone will notify you of your acceptance. This Group Begins tentatively between June 16th -18th, 2018, if at least 8 moms register by June 15, 2018. Membership fees are as followed and includes: $15.00 per visit @ $30.00 weekly, all fees must be placed in wellness jar upon arrival. The weekly fees entitles the members to childcare assistance, Guro tips, and a light medicated or non-medicated meal or snack for mothers and a healthy light meal or snack for tots. Children are always free, period.

The membership will be on a pay as you enjoy basis but preferance will be given to individuals looking to establish group permanance due to the nature of our setting.

Happy Surviving.



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