Corsicana Poker Club

Who Are We?

Location: Purdon, TX

A poker club (mostly holdem) for the Corsicana TX and surrounding areas. For now, we need to find a place to meet. Perhaps my garage or tackroom. One table. In the fall of 2018, I'll have a poker room large enough to hold three tables easy. Right now, that building is being used for storing house parts. When the house is finished, the room is all mine.

My vision is to have a pot luck dinner before the game. Since the game is absolutely free -- no rake, no dues, but you do need to buy in, we won't be able to consistently supply those things the pay to play people offer, like free drinks and snacks.

This is a club. We collectively decide how to run it, what type of games etc. However, when playing at my house, my house rules apply -- pretty much casino rules.



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