Co working place

Who Are We?

Location: Hong Kong

Have a better place with lower cost ?

We are a real non profit co working space.

We don't have profit and we just cut the cost as it is both your place and our place.

We build a space for generate value for making money.

We have support from famous youtuber who can boost your ideas.

No matter you are secondary school students, graduated or freelaners.

Welcome to join, as we can help each others.

One of our advantage is that we have colleagues in Europe who can provide good support for yours.

The other support is that we have colleagues who were full time teachers.

The market price of co working space is over 1000. We only charge 1000. We also have a lot service for free to you if you are the great people we look for.

Not only a space, but also a playroom. It is a space for DIY that people should have good way to have lesiure. Work Hard Play hard. 

The space is also a studio for people who like cooking, video making, etc. In all, fitting with the co worker's demand.

We are not dealing with networking selling or any non sustainable business model. If anybody suggest you to do so, just tell him / her get out.

If you like to lower the cost and have a better place for your study and/or working, it is the space for you.

Welcome to send us your short story as our principal is building win win situation without taking any advantage from others.

Our core business related to video making, photographing, etc. Sometimes, we would like to hire freelancer for help. If you need extra experience on your CV, we need you.


我們是一個真正 非營利合作工作空間。



我們得到了著名的YouTuber的支持,他們可以提升您的 (business) ideas。





合作工作空間的市場價格超過1000元,我們只收取600 - 1000元。如果您是我們尋找的人物,我們也為您免費提供許多服務。

不僅是一個空間,而且還是一個遊戲室。人們應該有很好的leisure方法,這是DIY的空間。努力工作使勁玩。Play Hard Work Hard.


我們不是 金字塔式銷售或 任何不可持續的商業模式。如果有人建議你這樣做,就告訴他/她 Get Out。

如果您想降低成本,獲得更好的學習和/或工作地方,那就是您的Co working Space。

歡迎您向我們發送您的短篇故事,Welcome to send us your short story as our principal is building win win situation without taking any advantage from others.

我們的核心業務涉及視頻製作,拍攝等等。有時,我們聘請自由職業者幫助。如果你需要更多的Experience on your CV,我們需要你。



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