The Voice

Who Are We?

Location: Tadley

The Voice 

Through our creative and life skills workshops, we offer everyone an uplifting experience, support through difficult times and the opportunity to make lasting friends. 

We are a group of people, some have a mental health illness like depression, bi polar etc. Some people are carrers, some people work in mental health

Our web site;

We have 1 meeting a month (we call it the fun evening)on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7-15pm in Sainsburys Tadley.

Then on the 2nd Thursday of the month, we do a work shop.

2pm at the  United  Reform Church in Basingstoke then later at 7.15 pm in Sainsburys Tadley.

The work shops have been written by a Qualified professional.

All events help by The Voice are free.

At the fun evening, we had the jugglers come in and show us how to  juggle, we had a 1st aid lady give us a 2 hour first aid course. A gentleman came in to tell us about how he makes chocolates, we had to try some, (well it would be rude not too), 

Tonight 5 th July 2018 we are learning how to make a boxed card.

Each month their is something different. All these are on the web site.

Next Thursday 12 th July 2018 at the work shop we are doing the tapping  technique . We have done mindfullness, how to cope with anger, depresstion and many more



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