Nationwide Community of Real Estate Investors

Who Are We?

Location: On-Demand Online Real Estate Investment Training & Community Training by Local RE Professional Investors

We Are A Nationwide Community of Real Estate Investors. We Offer Free Weekly Workshops Throughout the United States. 

All Novice and Experienced Investors Are Welcome!

Unlike many gurus who fly in and fly out, give a great hyped up presentation, and are there to simply sell you their training program, we don’t fly in, fly out, and we are not here to simply sell you a program. Our relationships get started when you contact us.  We provide weekly study groups, monthly workshops, networking with local and national investors and so much more. We are all local investors. You can take your time to learn what our community members are doing locally in Real Estate.  Visit us multiple times whether LIVE or ONLINE and learn how you can be a successful real estate investor.

Even though many people became rich through real estate, on the flip side many people lost their real estate wealth because of their lack of knowledge. We are building real estate investing communities across the nation so that we can help folks achieve the American dream of financial freedom. We are not here to simply sell you real estate investor training. We want you to make money. This is why many of our team leaders host study groups, Deal/No Deal meetings and real estate workshops around the nation. Those who are enrolled in the online  Investor Training Courses are constantly working with local community members. This is what the community and education are for. As you go through the orientation process, you will see how many community members get into their first deals because of the resources within our community.

Register below for our weekly webinar orientation in your area to learn more our real estate investor training program and how working with our community will help you build wealth through real estate. At our orientation, you will:

• Learn how you can join and network with our community of Real Estate Investors.

• Learn how rental properties are one of the best tax saving strategies out there.

• Discuss the biggest money-making opportunities in today’s market: Short Sales, Lease Options, Fix and Flips, Foreclosures, Seller Financed Notes, and Multi-Family Dwellings.

• Learn how our real estate investor training is unmatched in the industry and how we use it to create massive and passive income streams through real estate investing.

• Learn about individual and group deals within our community & explain how you can be included in the deals we have going forward.

• Learn the plan that has assisted hundreds of associates in our community to a net worth over a million dollars in controlled assets.

• Learn how you can be involved in the group real estate transactions that we are involved in.

• Learn our working business model where you can work from home or our local offices instead of fighting traffic!

• Learn how you could be done interviewing for jobs for the rest of your life!

• Learn how to build MASSIVE and PASSIVE income streams.

• Learn why you need to be in this business if you want to retire early.

• Learn how to Be Your Own Boss, and so much more...

The Live Events listed below are meant to introduce you to our local community members, our powerful real estate educational products and business opportunity. Learn real estate investing strategies from professional and practicing Real Estate Investors on how to create wealth through real estate investing. Also, EARN as you LEARN and how you can create passive income through the Renatus Business Opportunity.

At our live orientations, you will meet many of our local investors that are investing in our local market and have made significant changes to their real estate portfolio. You will also meet qualified leaders, associates, certified instructors and real estate professionals such as agents, brokers, contractors, mortgage professionals and more that work with the group to help us stay updated in current real estate markets.

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